String, your CAD and Nesting Partner

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String was founded in 1998, but the experience of our people dates back to the end of the 80's, when they began to design software applications for automatic nesting and cutting.

We have been constantly enhancing and upgrading a complete software platform that we use as a base to provide our customers with tailored solutions aimed at enhancing their production quality, at saving their material and labour costs and at shortening their total response time.

We always focus our attention on solutions which improve the collaboration and the data exchange across different organisations of the supply chain, thus enabling better ways to manage the production. We are committed to analyse our customers' needs and pay a great attention to their feedbacks.

Our products are designed to be conveniently used by small to big companies. Since the beginning, we have been cooperating with manufacturers of cutting machinery, and a deep expertise in cutting is embedded into our solutions, in order to seamlessly integrate into production lines.

Our team is made (of course) of software designers and programmers, but includes also web designers, experts of Internet security and people with a significant background in economics, to provide you always with the right solution at the right cost.

That's why we are...Your CAD and Nesting Partner.