String, your CAD and Nesting Partner

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String was founded in 1998, and our team has over 30 years of experience dating back to the 80's.

We are constantly enhancing our software platform so that we are able to offer our customers tailored solutions with the aim of enhancing product quality, saving on labour costs and material and service delivery.

We always focus our attention on solutions that improve the collaboration and the data exchange across different stages of the supply chain, enabling better ways to manage production. We are committed to always listening to our clients feedback and fulfilling their needs.

Our products are designed to be easily used by small to big companies. Since our inception, we have been collaborating with machine cutting manufacturers; our understanding and expertise in the cutting process is embedded into our solutions, in order to seamlessly integrate into production lines.

Our team is made of software designers and programmers and includes web designers, experts of Internet security and people with a significant background in economics, ensuring that you have the right solution and the best price.

That's why we are...Your CAD and Nesting Partner.