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CuteCad is the 2D CAD software for everyone. No previous experience is required to get started. CuteCAD is designed with modularity, extensibility and portability in mind, to speed up your prototyping process and to shorten the time to market of your products. But what users most often notice about CuteCad is the simple and intuitive interface.

In addition to all the usual tools for 2D drafting, our CAD provides many other features to help design in an easier and faster way. Find below the functions that most suit your needs or contact us and let us know which ones you would like to see implemented.

Native DXF readers

Specific plug-ins parse DXF and specific industry formats, like AAMA, and extract all the information contained therein about articles, materials, etc...

CuteCad also exports the shapes to be cut in many formats and allows you to go straight to production on the most common cutting machines.

Parametric design

CuteCad provides an assortment of two-dimensional construction tools to create the most common gasket shape geometries like:

  • - flanges and heat exchangers
  • - ESBO/FEFCO ready-to-cut boxes
  • - conic and pyramidal lampshades

Cutting optimisation

The power of our nesting strategies inside CuteCad. Optimise the material consumption and estimate your costs with the CuteNest plug-in.

Complete report sheet will help you analyse the costs and present competitive offers to your customers.

And more...

By means of specific plug-ins CuteCad is continuously extended to fulfill your own requirements and add to your CAD program the power you need to fasten the design phase and increase the quality of your products.

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