ShoeNest - The nesting for leather shoes

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ShoeNest is a nesting strategy designed to fulfill the typical placement requirements of the shoe industry in leather cutting.

When ShoeNest places the shapes, it complies with the quality levels of the material and uses the lower quality areas and the leather defects only for shape areas where they are allowed.

If the material surface shows the natural shades of the leather, some parts might need to be placed near to each other (typically this applies to vamps), and collected and kept together, in order to have a consistent grain or nuance of the leather on the single final product.

ShoeNest naturally tends to place entire articles on the same hide, and starts with the largest size available. It normally breaks just one or two articles placing some pieces of a pair of shoes on the current hide and leaving the others for the next hide. It is possible to force ShoeNest only to place entire articles on the hide, and prevent placement of a shape even if it fits on the current hide if all the other shapes of the shoe pair do not fit on the same hide.

ShoeNest can easily cooperate with the control software of Atom’s cutting tables Flashcut and supports both in-line mode (skin acquisition, nesting and cutting are performed sequentially without repositioning the material) and off-line mode on previously acquired skins for better yield.