WindNest - Nesting solutions for sailmakers

WindNEST is a user-friendly software that automatically and autonomously nests shapes on sailcloths, with an extraordinary efficiency, to save time and money.

WindNEST nests the shapes and optimises the usage of any sailcloth of your choice: Nylon, Woven Polyester (PET), PEN fiber (Pentex), Kevlar, Technora, Twaron, Spectra, Dyneema, Vectran, Carbon Fibre.

WindNEST places any variety and quantity of shapes of different sizes, controls their rotation, the minimum distance between parts and between each part and the edge of the material.

By means of its advanced genetic algorithm, WindNEST is quite fast and easy to use, and powerful enough for any type of sail production environment. Anyone can nest with WindNEST.

Supported File Formats for Import and Export:

  • .DXF - Import and Export.
  • .NTV - Import and Export.
Save material, production time and money with WindNEST.

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